Sunday, April 6, 2014

Philippines Week 22

There was no letter from Katie this last week...  She has been having trouble with her wrist - the one with the titanium plate that she received in Africa.... She had been on vicodin-type pain medication for two to three weeks.  They were hoping that it would resolve the problem.  Turns out that the tendons have been rubbing up against the plate in her wrist.  If they continue to rub, the tendons can rupture.  After a bit of confusion and miscommunication (I guess that's what happens in 2am instant messages and phone calls from the Mission President - where we don't understand each other very well) she was sent to the Manila MTC where she met with the mission doctor - Elder Jackson.  What a wonderful man!  
     He phoned home and explained the situation.  He said that I should not worry, that she was in good hands.  He said that the church's insurance would cover the cost of surgery (THANK GOODNESS) and that it was in Katie's best interest to have the plate removed.  So Friday night (our time) Katie had surgery in yet another third world hospital.  Elder Jackson was so kind... He asked me if I wanted to speak with my daughter and I got to speak with Katie for about 35 minutes.  Katie and I emailed back and forth a bit last night and she is recovering well.  Elder Jackson and his wife waited with Katie until she woke up from her surgery, then he called me to say everything went very well.   She is among some wonderful Elders and Sisters who are taking such good care of her.  She will remain at the Missionary Recovery Center until April 10th.

Thank you also to Elder and Sister Gorringe who were so helpful in advising Katie and just taking care of her.

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