Monday, April 7, 2014

Philippines Week 23

Hey family,
I'm typing with one hand and so there probably will be a lot of grammatical errors. In case you haven't heard, I had surgery on my left wrist on Saturday. They took the metal plate out because it as making my tendons rub and pop against it-which could have caused a rupture in my tendons. The surgery took a long time (about an hour) because they had to find a different type of screwdriver in the middle of the surgery and then they had to sanitize it because its not a surgical screwdriver. But, I have all of the screws and plates sitting on my desk.
Surgery in the Philippines is much much different than surgery in Africa. But some parts of it reminded me of Africa.
The first thing that reminded me of Africa was watching the doctors try to put in my IV line. After they asked why I have so many scars over my veins (from previous IVs) they proceeded to give me three rather large bruises trying to find a vein. The doctor ended up calling his colleague down to the OR to put in my IV. 
The second thing that reminded me of Africa was the nice Filipino male nursed that told me that I was beautiful after the surgery. (Inside joke--Caroline). I think I need to start requesting female nurses. 
Overall, I was super impressed with the hospital and the whole surgical process. 
I am now staying in MRC- Missionary Recovery Center. It is a building right next to the Manila MTC. There is a missionary couple (she is a nurse) that were called here-this is the only MRC in the church.  It pretty much makes it so that recovering missionaries don't have to stay in the hospital to recover.  But everything here is family style. We say family prayer, we watch conference together, eat dinner together, everything.  It's a really neat facility.  I spend most of my time either sleeping off the medication, watching Johnny Lingo and hanging out with the other 4 missionaries.  So this is what my life has been lately. I got to talk to Mom and Caroline right before my surgery. I love you all. Thank you for all the prayers. 

Quote of the week: "Mahana you ugly!"

Sister Raynor

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