Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 17 Arizona

Sorry mama, this is gonna be a short one. I have like 5 minutes left....  You asked about Allen Barry - Hi to Sister Barry....  Yes, I saved Allen Barry's life and I almost drowned in the process. He climbed on my back and was holding me under while I got closer and closer to the wall. I thought I was gonna die, but really I was only without air for like a minute (and thus begins my swimming career.)  Haha.   
          This week we had a giant dust storm, like that scene from The Mummy - big.  I took some pictures, but I got a new bag and so I forgot to put my card reader in it again.  I'll send the pictures next week.  
          This week we went on exchanges with Hermana Haar and Hermana Mejia. I love exchanges so much! I just love getting the chance to learn new things and this is going to sound kinda weird but I love getting the correction. I have desired to be a consecrated missionary from the beginning of my mission and so getting the chance to go on exchanges where I can learn ways to be better from those with more experience than I, is an incredible opportunity for learning and growth. 
          On this round of exchanges I went with Hermana Haar to her area and Hermana Mejia went with Sister Douros to our area. Sadly on this exchange there was a massive dust storm, so we were inside for a bit and we didn't get a lot of teaching opportunities but as per usual I still learned so much. While we were waiting out the storm Hermana Haar and I did language study. It was my favorite part of the day, she is an incredible teacher, I have so much respect for her.  I committed myself to read chapter 1 of preach my gospel each week, and there is a section about the power and authority that comes with this calling, and I can see that so strongly in her. When she testifies of something, I can see that she knows it, that there is no shadow of a doubt anywhere in her mind of what she is saying. She has that power and authority that I am working towards. 
Love you all tons - 

Sister Raynor

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