Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 19 Arizona

So I am back in Phoenix!! Last time I was in south Phoenix, the outskirts by the reservation, but now I'm up in the city!  I didn't realize just how much I missed it, but being back has been awesome! 
          In Arizona City there was never anyone out and the opportunities to talk to people were few and far in between, but it's just the opposite in Phoenix.  So I live in an apartment with another set of Hermanas, which is awesome. Up until now I've only lived in houses with just me and my companion which can be a bit rough, but just having someone else to talk to is quite refreshing. 
          The Spanish is coming along, but very very slowly.  We definitely use every minute of our Spanish hour. Another fun piece of news - my companion from the MTC just got transferred to Phoenix too.  She lives in an apartment 3 doors down, so that's been fun. My companion and I are what we call "white washing" into our area, this makes it extra fun, because neither of us knows where we are going or who we are supposed to be talking to, but its okay, because I have no idea where the conversation is going anyways! 

So some other stuff that's happened... my bag got stolen (the big black one that has 50,000 pockets). My last companion had this bad habit of leaving the windows down in the car. Luckily, I had been using this purse that I got a few weeks ago so I had my wallet and ipad with me.  All they really got was a few pens and pamphlets. Who knows, maybe they'll read a few and "Come to Jesus." but I'm not holding my breath. During the day before transfer meeting, President Toone said that he wanted all missionaries to attend (except Yuma-they were going to skype in,) a mission meeting.  So, we all went and before the transfers were announced, President Toone, had me stand up and he announced my reassignment to literally the whole mission, that was kinda embarrassing. (Nice but I don't really care of the attention.) 
          So they're having the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple, and so all the sister missionaries get to help with that, this has been super cool.  Wednesday was the only day that they were going to do the whole thing in Spanish, so all the Spanish sisters got to go and help out (even Yuma) AND we get to go once more on the 16th to help again. I'm super excited to hear it in English!

That's all I got for now!  Love to all.  Sister/Hermana Raynor 

My new address is 475 N. 43rd Ave #134 Phoenix, AZ 85009.

Pictures: These first few are from the monster dust storm (like that scene from The Mummy- big)

Nancy and Alex's baptism - Dale got to baptize them!  ( He also he gave me a border patrol hat before I left!)

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