Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 21 Arizona

So this has been a week with some definite lows and some definite highs.

The Lows: Friday was a super rough day. We had our weekly planning meeting where we plan for the coming week from 9-12, which is pretty boring, but a very necessary part of our week. After that, we had zone lunch and then Spanish study followed by Facebook, so by the time that we got out to proselyte it was 3:30. We had brought our bikes to  the meeting because we share a car with the other sisters in our ward and they had a member going out with them after dinner so they needed the car.  But, my companion said her stomach wasn't feeling well so they graciously gave us the car to drive around our area until dinner...and this is where it got rough.  
     So we pulled up to the trailer park, we were planning on visiting this family that's going to get baptized in 2 weeks because on Tuesday their trailer burnt down. So we were bringing them a new set of scriptures. I was driving, and so I had the keys. I opened the trunk to grab a copy of the Book of Mormon and I set the keys down inside the trunk while I rifled through the box. When I had the Book of Mormon, I realized that the kids' Book of Mormon is in the back seat, so I step away to grab it and the door is locked. Right as I turn around to grab the keys to unlock it, my companion slams the trunk shut...with the keys inside. 
     That sucked, but it gets better. So its 4pm now and we call Elder Brown, the car and bike guy and tell him our story.  Luckily he had a spare so he says that he'll be over around 4:40 with the key. While he drives over from Tempe we go and see the family and have a quick lesson with them.  As we are walking back to the car my companion says, "Wouldn't it be awful if he brought the wrong keys, hahaha."  Guess what happens... he brought the wrong key. So he has to go all the way back to Tempe to get the key during rush hour traffic. It's now 5pm and we are late for our dinner which is in the northern most part of our ward boundaries.  (We cover the south - so we are stranded.)  Our bikes are at the church and our car is locked. Luckily, our kind-hearted Bishop came with his wife and rescued us. They gave us a ride to the dinner that we were 30 minutes late for.  
     Afterwards, we decide to walk over to the church to get our bikes so we can bike back to the car. We get to the church and my companion has a flat tire...like empty flat.  A few more phone calls later and it turns out that our Zone Leaders had a member tracting with them, so they came and picked us up.  Elder Brown came in his truck once again, and got our bikes. We all went over to the trailer park to pick up the car.
     We got the car back and then we were given a very stern talking to by our Zone Leaders about the use of the car. (I was super upset by the end of it!)  It turns out that they had told my companion (she is the Senior Companion) that we are only to use the car for taking members to and from lessons or if we are going to and from meetings. 
     I was so mad because had I known this rule, I would have made sure we hadn't taken the car out in the first place.  So it is now 7:30pm, we drive home and I start patching holes that are in her bike tires. Around the 8th hole, my companion gives up on proselyting for the rest of the night (8:20) and leaves to take a shower!   (By this time, I'm even more frustrated,) I patch hole number 10 and we finished our day with a total of 30 minutes of proselyting time.  
That was the low.

The high: We got to go to the Temple on Wednesday. It was so so so so so awesome! Not being able to go whenever I want to makes me appreciate these opportunities so much more now. It was so awesome.

Other stuff: On Thursday, I got my official Spanish name tags.I got a super awesome letter on Saturday morning from Caroline. :-)  My watch battery died.  :-(  I got new Spanish scriptures. Today is day 1 of the 4th week of this transfer...that's flown by. It's been in the mid 90's all month, but the past 3 days its been in the 70's (crazy).

Love you all

Hermana Raynor

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