Sunday, April 13, 2014

Philippines Week 24

Hi all. Just a short note. I am in my new area Abucay. It is near one of the largest cities in Bataan (yes, like the Bataan Death March).  The area seems nice.  It is very far away in the bukod (farms/rice fields).  I know that eventually I will come to love this area almost as much as I love San Felipe. (Probably not as much because everyone always says that you never love any area like you love your first.)  
          My new companion is Sister Bautista. I am her follow-up training. She is in the same batch as Sister Pizon.  I don't have very much time but I wanted to send a quick note. 
          Also, Sunday is Easter and apparently our area is where they are going to do the self-crucifying like Christ. Where people walk in a parade whipping themselves and wearing crowns of thorns and carrying their crosses. I don't know much about it but I will probably find out on Sunday. 

I finally got a response to my many letters to Ash and in typical Ashley fashion this was her reply (my first letter/email in months):  Love you, glad you are doing better, will write - some day.... I love you too Ash/Sister Raynor.  :-)))

I love you all so much. Happy Easter.
Mahal kita. Sister Raynor

New wrist:  (No more washing her own clothes...)

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