Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 20 Arizona

Hi Everyone!

So some things that happened this week: 

My bike exploded!!! Just kidding, sort of...we were riding down the road and all of a sudden I heard a metallic "plink" noise and then my front tire started wobbling like crazy, when we stopped and I lifted up my bike to get a better look, the  front tire came out.  It turns out that the piece that locks the tire into place lost a piece so the tire was no longer locked in, so that part sucked.  The nice part was that we called the mission fleet coordinator the next day and he drove out from the mission office, picked up my bike and had it back to me the next day, and it was like a $10 fix.

We got to go work at the Easter pageant again, that was super fun, and we got to stay and watch it and it was a lot more meaningful this go around (especially getting to understand all of it.)

Yesterday I officially hit the 5 month mark, which is super weird, I still feel like I've only been out for a month and a half. Time flies on the mission. 

On Saturday we went on exchanges! I love exchanges, they are so much fun, I learn so much from them and its pretty fun to get to know other missionaries and to visit a new area. This exchange was really fun because the Sister Training Leader I went with really pushed me with my Spanish, I think I spoke more Spanish during that one day than I had the entire week. Another fun thing was that Sister Savage is from Cedar City and she totally knows the Barnes, I guess in high school she was a TA for one of Luke's classes...small world.

The work out here is progressing and so is my Spanish (though for the Spanish-its very slow.) 
I hope you have an awesome time in Hawaii Mom.

Sister Raynor

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