Saturday, September 20, 2014

Philippines Week 44

Sorry, I dont have much to say this week. its kind of been crazy.

This week was filled with too many ups and downs to count. It wasn’t necessarily a ‘bad’ week or a ‘good’ week. I’ve found that as I have learned to love the people here, their ups and downs affect me. It hurts when I see them hurting or struggling.  Their ups and their joys are the highest and happiest joys that I have experienced.

So this week I met a nice man with a permed mullet. He was probably about 50 and he had a gold tooth. He is probably by new best friend in the philippines. He told me that he will become a Mormon if I come back for him. I told him that I will keep his offer in mind.

Tender Mercy of the Week:
-------I'm sitting next to Sister Hart right now!! Reunited at last.

Love Sister Raynor

Sister Smith and me.

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