Sunday, September 21, 2014

Philippines Week 45

Family!! What up?!? I hear that there is a new edition to the family. Congrats Davey and Shaybaby.

Follow-up on my favorite less active:

As we walked by Joseph’s house earlier this week, he called us in and sat us down. He directly told me that even though he was baptized in the 70s that I am his missionary and that he knows that I will probably be transferred soon but that’s okay because he has work to do here in Abucay. He then pulled out a ward directory of priesthood holders. The list was all marked up- with descriptions of families, people, and concerns. He then told us that His goal is to reactivate the priesthood and then work on their families. We then shared Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 with him which says that God is with us in this work and that the angels are round about is to bear us up. He then looked over with teary eyes and said “I feel them. They are here.” He then told me that I won’t see the results of my work here in Abucay but that he won’t stop visiting less actives until there are so many that they need to start another branch here. He then told me to come back in 1 year when he goes through the temple.  This man was one of the hardest people that I have ever met. His change of heart inspires me to work harder and continue through the challenges that I face every day.

Things that happened this week:
  • Happy Birthday mom!!
  • Met a couple of drunk men. 
  • Had a few really nice conversations with crazy men.
  • There was a huge storm.
  • I hit my one year mark on the 11th.
I love you all. Hope that everything is going well.  Next week.  

Happy Birthday to Linda Allen this week.  

                        Sister Raynor and Sister Smith
                                                                                 kids chasing us.

a baby's swinging crib. they are super sick.

                                                                           a cute baby.

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