Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 38 Arizona

So this letter is gonna be a bit different than usual, but I'll give
you the news updates at the end.'s official...I'm on the down hill.

 I am so amazed at how fast time flies and so sad to see that so much
of it has gone. It was really motivating to know that I only have x
amount of time left so I better jump on that train and get moving. I
feel even more motivated to give it my all and not hold anything back.
My desire is there and now I just have to act.

In Elder Oaks 2011 april conference talk he explained how improtant a
desire is. He said that your desires = your priorities. Your
priorities = your choices. Your choices = your actions. Your desires
talks about the priorities of our desires and how we can over ride our
desires with greater ones. ie You over ride your desire to eat with
your greater desire to fast.

Our desires make us. It's like virtue. It starts in our inner most
thoughts. I remember a song that I heard a lot as a child, YOU THINK
IT, YOU FEEL IT, YOU DO IT. If we can master our thoughts we can
change who we are and what we will become.

This week was a "Blow me out of the water week." We had some of the most
AMAZING lessons that I have had thus far. Sister Smuin and I would
leave the lesson with beaming grins and over flowing hearts. When the
spirit teaches hearts are touched and changed. Miracles are seen!

Speaking of miracles they have been EVERYWHERE!! On Thursday, we got a
call from the assistants and they asked us to take another ward
because the elders that were covering Evergreen had to get ET-ed
(Emergency Transferred) out. So, the first thing we did was find the
Bishop. As soon as he saw us at his door, he literally started crying.
He said that he had been praying for something to change, and that we
were it. The Evergreen ward hasn't had sisters in it for 16+ years.
Then on Sunday, during ward counsel, we went in and told our members
that...we literally have nothing to work with in this ward, and so we
are 100% at their service, and we just bore testimony that the Lord is
truly hastening His work and that He does answer prayers...the spirit
was so strong there. Since then, we have seen so many miracles. Just
our enthusiasm has changed so many hearts and attitudes.

At first, we were worried about this change, that we wouldn't be able
to spend out time evenly, but we decided to make sacrifices to make
this work and we have seen miracles.  Each day we have been able to
make lists of miracles that we have seen and amazing experiences that
we have had. There is so much power in giving of your self so that
others can have.

Sorry this one is short and my thoughts are totally scattered, but
since next Sunday is fast Sunday (for us as a companionship at least)
I want to encourage all of you to go to True to the Faith and study
under Fasting. I did this because I wanted to learn more about
sacrifice and to understand a bit more before this Sunday. I was
inspired to fast more and with a greater purpose. I know that Father
has blessings waiting for us. So bring on the blessings!

The Church is true, The Book is Blue, and Moroni stands on a ball

Sister Raynor

So today we got to go to the temple! Suuuuper tired right now, but
super grateful for the opportunity.

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