Sunday, September 21, 2014

Philippines Week 46

Let me just start by apologizing in advance—I have no idea how or if this letter will flow or make any sense but I guess we’ll see if I can link my thoughts together to explain how I am feeling.

This week was just a blur of emotions, mile marks, and intense lessons.

This week I hit my one-year mark in the mission.
This week I turned 20 years old.
I saw some of my batch mates and my “anak” (trainee).
A member of the 70 came and spoke to us.
Sister Smith took a tumble that landed us in the hospital.
A very close family friend died.

As I hit my one year mark and birthday, I kind of realized that I have become a little stagnant in my personal progression. As I was beginning to realize that I had the opportunity of seeing some of the missionaries that were with me in the MTC. I was amazed at the change and maturity that I saw in them. I felt like in the beginning of my mission I had changed so much but maybe I had just lost some of my “spark”.

That is why I am SO grateful for Elder Bowen’s teachings to us at Zone Conference. I am grateful for Sister Smith’s fall. It was a pretty bad fall but I am grateful for what I was able to learn from President Dahle.

“Are you a Mormon?” “Well, Why not?” That was President Dahle’s question to the guard in the hospital. That simple question (in English) sparked something deep inside me. My desire.

From my studies of the Abrahamic Covenant, I’ve realized—again—that my purpose (as Elder Bowen said) isn’t to baptize but to convert so that all those around us can enjoy never-ending, covenanted blessings. It is so necessary that these people are adopted into the House of Israel in order to receive those blessings. Those blessings are everlasting. Even though people die and it’s heartbreaking, I know that there are much more, greater things in store for those that have stayed true to the end.
People desperately need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Other things this week:
  • I ate suso for my birthday. Yep, that's snail. You have to sip it out of the shell. It's weird and buggery. 
  • Someone also made potato salad for my birthday.
  • Teresita, investigator--she will be baptized Sept 27th, told us about how she went to an entrepreneur's conference in Bablanga (the big city). I guess the main topic was about a sanitary napkin (pad) that has a special medicine on it that eases headaches. So if you get a headache you just put the pad on your forehead to ease your headache and then use it for its normal use (women's menstruation). Pretty hilarious--just because Terestia (60yo) was trying to show us how to use it with a pad on her fore head.
  • Sister Smith slid in some mud and so we went to the hospital with President and Sister Dahle. I got to translate for President as he invited people to listen to the message of the gospel. It was so cool. He just kept going up to people and saying "Are you a Mormon" and then if they said no he would say "well why not."  So cool!
  • Elder Bowen of the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us.
  • We had Zone Conference. I got to see Sister Hart, SIster Pizon(my anak), Sister Gorringe, Sister Bautista (old comp) and Elder Hill (from my batch).
  • CONGRATULATIONS to SARAH LEWIS!! That is super exciting.
  • Does Cheyenne have a middle name?
Love you

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