Sunday, September 28, 2014

Philippines Week 48

I've been transferred!!!!
I’ve been trying to think of what I should write all week and I still don’t know exactly what to say. I guess I’ll just share my thoughts with you.

Transfers- It always hurts a little when you leave an area. I had been in Abucay for 6 months and so, of course, it was hard but exciting saying goodbye. It was hard to say goodbye to the members and less actives that I have come to love with all my heart. (It was especially hard to say goodbye to one of our investigators who, hopefully, was baptized last Saturday). But of course, I am so excited to meet the people here in Subic.

Companion- Sister Empalmado is literally amazing. Our lessons are amazing. She is a great teacher and I look forward to learning more from her. As we discussed this last transfer, we both agreed that we really felt that President had prayed specifically for us. We know that there are amazing opportunities awaiting us here. I look forward to seeing the work of the Lord fulfilled in our area.

Sister Smith- My last week with Sister Smith was very stressful but I actually really miss her. I pray for her and think of her daily. I can’t think of anytime in my life where I have experienced more change in myself. Our companionship was not easy but it was probably one of the greatest learning experiences of my mission. I am so grateful for the time that we had together. 

  • So we found out about transfers early. SO I was able to say goodbye to everyone in Abucay.
  • I got transferred to Olongapo--Subic specifically. I got called to be a Sister Training Leader. So we are the mission home STLs. So I go to church with the Assistants to the President and the Office Elders. 
  • Elder Christensen (from my first area) is now an office elder and his companion is his trainer. They live right up the street. Its like a blast from the past. 
  • I see the Senior Couple (The Gorringes) all the time.
  • My new apartment has air con, hot water, and a washing machine. I'm living the life. :)
  • My area is all mountain on one side and then ocean on the other. We just hike all day. It is gorgeous because the ocean is right there every time we look off the mountain. 
  • MY companion, Sister Empalmado, is the best. She is Filipina and we go home at the same time. Which apparently is getting pretty close.I got called a pauwi this week. which pretty much means someone that is close to going home.
  • We've also been introduced into a new concept--I2L-ing jeepneys. SO basically we get up in front of the whole jeepney while we are riding to appointments and invite everyone in the jeepney to learn about the gospel and we hand out pass-a-along cards with our numbers on it. So we contact 20+ people in a 3 minute period of time. Its kind of scary talking in front of everyone but it is worth because you are giving so many a chance to learn. 
I'll send pics next week when i get my camera fixed. We are planning a trip to hike this HUGE mountain in a few weeks. So excited. Love you all. Be good. Love Sister Raynor

Bus station goodbyes. Sister Hart is now south in the mission and I am in the center/heart of the mission. BIg CITY!!

​This is the branch president that went less active for 25 years and then we helped him return to full activity. He cried when we said goodbye and then told me to come back when he goes to the temple next year--- looks like we might need a family vacation here in the Philippines. :)

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