Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 43 Arizona


The antidote for all worry, sadness, pain, anxiety, etc. is service.
We were sharing a message with a member of our ward last night. As we
were talking about the love of God she told the story of her
conversion. It was filled with a lot of mistakes, loss, regrets, pain,
sorrow, but ended with hope, peace, fulfillment, and love. After 35
years out of the church she hit rock bottom. She told us she felt
hopeless and empty and nothing, that she was trying was getting her
out. So she went to God.

She could not find a job as she started her path back to her Father so
she spent her time totally immersed in service. "This service" she
said, "is what saved me. It healed my deep wounds and brought light
back into my life." What a powerful testimony she bears when she talks
of the Atonement. When we serve others we serve God. What better way
to happiness.

I can testify to the power of service. I am changed through the
service I have been blessed to give. It is all around us and I know
that it is one of the tools that Father uses to shape us into the Gods
and Goddesses He hopes and desires for us to be. When we throw
ourselves into service we are surrounded by His spirit. That is the
spirit that brings peace, love, healing, and guidance into our lives
and hearts.

The other day we were telling Brenda about the spirit. She is a recent
convert that struggling and she could really use some prayers. Brenda
has a heart of gold but no motivation right now to kick her desires
into action. She moved out of her boyfriends house to get baptized,
but after a few weeks...she found out that she was pregnant and now,
she is back to living with him.

We were able to share some very powerful scriptures with Brenda to
help her understand how much she NEEEEEEDS to be reading her
scriptures EVERYDAY and coming to church EVERY Sunday. It is these
little day to day things that help us have and keep the spirit. When
we have to spirit Satan has no hold on us. She cried and told us that
she knows but it is so hard. So guess what we did... (Caroline your
going to love this part!) We made a schedule with her. We gave her a
piece of paper and helped her figure out a time EVERYDAY that she was
going to read. And how she was going to prepare to attend church. Then
we made a plan on how we as missionaries could follow up daily to help
her. There is no point in committing someone to something if you are
not going to follow up.

Family: I know that God lives. I know that He loves me and each of
you. He has a perfect plan for you that you already agreed to. You
said Yes! In the words of Elder Malm of the 70 "we are all yes-
sayers." And guess what? that also means that everyone you see each
day said yes to this plan too. Sadly a lot of them have forgotten this
and so we are called to remind them. This plan is the plan of
HAPPINESS. This world always needs more happiness so lets teach
everyone this plan. As we do we will have Father's Spirit with us to
lift us, guide us, and help us all along the way. You are called to
serve. Grab your scriptures and put on your badge of honor and follow
the Savior.

I know as you do you will be blessed. I see it everyday. I know it, I
live it, and I love it with all of my heart and soul. You can do hard
things. Live each day with purpose. You will find joy and peace as you
do. Love you all.  

Sister Raynor

This is the creepiest thing I've ever seen...it's a tree stump 

This is our fort-like set up from our last apartment. 

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