Thursday, February 5, 2015

Philippines Week 55


Let me start by apologizing for this extremely short note but I do have a really good excuse as to why my letter is pitiful. 
I am in MRC (the missionary rehabilitation center) for a checkup/followup appointment on my wrist. Everything looks good and normal. Aside from some swelling which I will be medicating and wearing a splint to help minimize. So all is well. I arrived here last night and will be leaving later this afternoon. (Just a short trip)

I sent some pictures and here are the highlights of my week:
  • Sister Michelle (lesbian) wore a skirt for the first time in 20+years. She will be baptized in December!!
  • The recent converts in my area all went on a temple trip.
  • I'm loveing this area. Im loving the people, the mountains and everything. Sister Empalmado is amazing. She is the greatest companion ever. My housemates are great and I am very happy. I am sad that my mission is slowly coming to an end. 
I love you all.
Love, Sister Raynor 

PS. Happy Birthday to Seth, Shay and Caroline!

Me and the Gorringe couple. Our lesbian investigator wearing a skirt for the first time in 20+ years. She looked amazing at church!

Me playing with some ugly dogs.

Beautiful sky and  recent convert, Salvador, going to the temple!

Investigators and recent converts in the bukid (fields)

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