Thursday, February 5, 2015

Philippines Week 56


So let me start by just saying that I was terrified last week when President Dahle and I had an exit interview in President's car at the bus station :)  It made me realize how much I love my mission and how much I am not ready to go home! The last 15 months have been painful, hard and long but I cannot imagine not being here because I love it so much. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect and true. These were my thoughts as I went to and from MRC and the whole time that I was in Manila. So naturally when I returned to Olongapo, the first thing that I wanted to do was just work. I just wanted to talk to everyone. It gave me the spark that I needed. And because of that, I had one of the best work weeks of my mission--ending in more than 40 lessons and a huge jump in both our finding of new investigators and church attendance. 

  • I skype in less than a month! I'm excited!
  • I got offered a man's tooth that he got pulled... the tooth had a cavity so I said thanks but no thank you.
  • I wrestled with Sister Lutao one night.
  • We have a wealthy new investigator who is a retired police officer. Sister Empalmado mentioned the police are good at  logic and he said "no police are good at women!"
  • I got my Christmas package! YAY!!
  • I got a text from Sister Gorringe about where I want to fly into in March.
  • The Gorringes picked me up from Manila. We went out to dinner and Elder Gorringe gave me a super sweet hug.
I love you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TOMMMY!!!!\
Love Katie

Secret santa, thanksgiving, Sister Michelle (lesbian) and more.

This morning frisbee and spraining my ankle....

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