Friday, February 6, 2015

Philippines Week 60 and 61

So this week was a ball of craziness... We started the week with preparation day in Olongapo city. Then on Tuesday, we had a full day of work. We worked really hard because we knew that we would be unable to work on Christmas and Christmas eve. On Wednesday, we had a Christmas devotional for the southern half of the mission. The Dahles picked us up at 6AM and then drove us to Olongapo. It was super fun getting to see everyone. Its so weird to see everyone that I"m used to having around get ready to go home. The batch that just went home in December and the batch that go home in January includes about 30+ missionaries. Then we waited an extra hour after so that we could get a ride with the APs and office elders back to Subic. That was a SUPER fun ride. Then we got home and Sister hart and I went on a "date"/random exchanges to the grocery store (yes, there is a grocery store in my area--hallelujah!). Then we went home and cooked--American style...(well as American style as you can get in the Philippines...) Then we slept... a lot... Wednesday morning--woke up to a text from the zone leaders saying to meet them in Olongapo by 2 for a zone testimony meeting. They also said to come prepared with a skit. :) So the elders picked us up. We went to olongapo. We had a super spiritual meeting- we all bore our testimonies and feelings about the Christmas season and Jesus Christ. Then we all did our skits in the cultural hall. The Elder dropped SIster Lobaton off in my area and we went and shared a few Christmas lessons then met the other Sisters at a less actives house in my area for dinner. The below picture is evidence of how wicked tired we were at the end of that night.

On Friday afternoon, I got a call from the office elders saying to come to the mission office immediately. When I got there, they gave me my travel itinerary for March 11. SO I will be flying form manila to Tokyo to Seattle to Eugene OR! Time has flown.

Saturday and Sunday went by fast as well. There was a branch family home evening on Saturday night. 

This morning Monday, we played Frisbee. 

Well that's all for now. I love you all.  hope everyone had a good Christmas. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'll see you all in America!!

Love, the Sister Raynor that writes longer  letters.

Christmas devotion with the sounthern half of the mission.

More Pictures

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