Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 54 Arizona

This week was...interesting to say the least. I think the best way to describe it is that it was the shortest week ever with the longest days, if that makes sense. On Monday, it was p-day. For our district activity we had a gingerbread competition and...Sister Smuin and I won with our ginger bread to come;) (notice the mop next to the door, the virgin maria, the dog poop, the bud light bottle caps and the satellite dish)

On Tuesday we started talking to Ryan Lehikanen on facebook and now we are working with a friend of his through Facebook~~~shout out to Ryan!

Friday we got to go to the temple was AMAZING. The next day we got go out to lunch with Kelli- we met her while we covered the English ward, she is our guru. That was super fun.

Sunday...after 7.5 months, it finally happened...I got the call, I'm leaving Tempe. I also get to train this next transfer and I'm going to be a Sister Training Leader. I'm really excited to get to serve in a new way. Last night was filled with lots of tears (LOTS and LOTS) and lots of packing. Today at 4 we take Sister Smuin to the mission home and by this time tomorrow...she'll be home.

I think that's it for this week.

Love you,
Sister Raynor

Our "finished" Nativity! (PS: notice the mop leaning against the house near the door!)
The Lights at Christmas!

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