Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week 52 Arizona

Well...I'll start with yesterday/Saturday because that was the most memorable/scarring part of the week. On Saturday our members gave us gyros (Greek food) for dinner, it was super tasty and we all loved it. But then.... that night around midnight I woke up with an aweful aweful pain in my gut.  I had a blast of hot flashes and bathroom runs.  Everything was going at once.  I was so sick - I don't know when I have ever been sicker.  I think between 2:30a and 6:30 I puked twice and went to the bathroom 6 times. The worst part was that every time I got up...I would have a hot flash. Needless to say, I didn't make it to church yesterday. Minus the bathroom breaks and little bites of toast, I was asleep all day yesterday and I even slept the whole night through last night. I'm better today, what ever it was is gone ;)  That has been the sickest I've been on my mission.  Hope it never happens again.  Not sure I can eat gyros again either!!  

Thanksgiving - That was another weird day. We stayed in all day. We got to go to one family's Thanksgiving dinner but besides that we were told to do no proselyting. I admit I was a little sad that we didn't get the traditional turkey and potatoes, but the carne asada tacos were still really good.

Last thing, the church has a new campaign...its gonna be big...real big. They bought out all advertising on YouTube for December 7, the big TV screen in Times I said, BIG. So I have a challenge for you, got to this website, watch the video, and share it on facebook and with a friend. Its very non-denominational.

Love you,
Sister Raynor

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