Friday, February 6, 2015

Philippines Week 63 and 64

Weekly letter-7 to go

Hi everyone! This might be short because my keyboard is Korean and so it is hard to type-its like a typewriter.
  • This week we did a CSP (church service project). We built a house. It turns out some of us-pretty much all of the foreigners- aren't very good at cutting bamboo with machetes so we also cleaned their house out.
  • I heard the song Julie Do Ya Love Me by Bobby Sherman.
  • Church- I spoke in sacrament for 15 minutes in Tagalog. It was interesting. My visa came back from Manila. With it was a note that said "Thank you for your service. As you prepare for your departure..." Scary.
  • Tatay Mercurio-my favorite-had a birthday this week. He turned 61. He will be getting sealed to his wife in November or December of this year:) At church,he received a calling and then we went to his house for dinner. He asked me if I will send him American saltwater taffy for his next birthday. It's his favorite from his Subic Navy days. He reminds me (physically) of Grandpa Tom. We also did his family history this week.
  • I found an American shirt-so I bought it. It is super duper hot though... But I had to wear it.
That was my week. Hectic as usual. This week we have zone conference. They are having the march missionaries give their final testimonies... I love you all.
Have a good week.
LOVE Sister Raynor

PS- Tatay Mercurio and i are not touching in that photo-it just looks like it.

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