Friday, February 6, 2015

Philippines Week 58

How about a little trailer for "Meet the Mormons."

Refiner's Fire Mormon ad. i love you mommy.

Well this week was....yet again a little crazy. We are struggling to balance our work in two areas that are very far away from each other. Because of that, we are travelling a lot in jeepneys and trying to be everywhere at once. So I managed to take lots of pictures... So I am going to bullet this letter and then send pictures in another attached email! Love you all!  Also, happy Birthday Rachel! Happy Anniversary to Caroline and Seth.
  • Baptism of Janine and Sayaka. They are both part-members. They are actually a very cool story. When they met me, they already knew me. It was strange. Their uncle Joven, had been living in San Felipe (my first area) with some members. He found a bunch of pamphlets and a Book of Mormon with my name and testimony on it. It sparked his curiosity... Flash forward 6 months: Joven has moved back to his family home in Calapacuan (my current area) in order to share his new faith with his family. When I met them they already knew who I was and we were able to talk like old friends versus new acquaintances. His two nieces were baptized this last week. Him mother and brother will be baptized in January. When I hear this story, I was amazed. Everything always seems to work out in the Lord's way. The picture of their baptism is also special because we decided to try to get one more lesson in at 4:15pm before their 5pm baptism. We thought that it was super smart until we reached the top of a mountain and it started raining...hard. That was my first baptism where it looked like I had fell in the water.
  • Birthday party at a less actives house.
  • Pornography. Sister Empalmado saw a little girl holding this dirty magazine and so she took it... She refused to throw it away because she was afraid that someone would pull it out of the trash and read it...So she took it home and burned it on our front porch... She is a crazy one... :)
  • Some kids that picked me a bowl of flowers. Super cute.
  • I worked with Nanay Silao (member) in her garden... mainly we just talked to her as she gardened. She is about 4 feet tall and is a very serious gardener...
  • We climbed a lot of mountains.
  • We watched the Christmas Devotional... I wish there was snow here... or that it was cold here...
Love you all! love Katie!

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