Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 63 Arizona

Hey mama,

This was a rough one. On Saturday, we were supposed to have a baptism didn't happen. The Aldacos were supposed to get baptized...I think I told you about them... if not, here's a recap. The Aldaco's are an older couple and they have been meeting with the missionaries for about 4 years, but they have never been able to  get baptized because they couldn't go to church. Hermano Aldaco has really really bad cancer and his doctor specifically told him not to go anywhere with lots of people, like churches. They were just waiting to finish this round of chemo and then they were going to get an MRI and if his cancer was better...they could come to church. They really thought it was better, but then the MRI results said that it was even worse and that they weren't going to have much time left together. So we went over with the Bishop and he said that now they need to take the risk more than ever so that they can make covenants and get ready for the temple, and they totally agreed. They were going to get baptized this Saturday, so on Tuesday, we got their baptismal interview all scheduled and just as we got there they told us that they had to go to the hospital~ they were going to move his medical records to a different one in Phoenix. We rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday morning we got a call from the Bishop and he told us that Hernano Aldaco was in the hospital with pneumonia, and that the doctor didn't think he was going to make it through the night. Saturday morning, we got another call...Hermano had died a little earlier that day. It was really sad, but the silver lining is that he's not hurting anymore and we talked to Maria a lot about temples  the week before. I think she'll get baptized within the next month or so. Then it'll be a year until she can get sealed to Hermano Aldaco.

Like i said...rough week. Also...this week was the week of meetings. I had to go to the Mission Leadership Counsel meeting in Tempe, and then to a stake meeting in northern Phoenix and all that jazz...long week.

Love you, 

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