Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 62 Arizona

So...this was an odd week. With the new transfer meeting/calls schedule we didn't find out anything until Tuesday night and then we had transfer meeting on Thursday. With that...I'm staying in Phoenix with Hermana Bishop and yes I'm still a sister training leader. Thanks for doing all that stuff for me, I really really appreciate it. Also thanks for the birthday package. It was nice, we all had a lot of fun with the slugs ;)

As for Shelly...this is what i usually say to people to help them to commit to a baptismal date.  Essentially, making this commitment is a huge act of faith. True to the faith says "Faith  is  a  principle of action and power. Whenever you work toward worthy goal, you exercise faithYou show your hope for something that you cannot yet see."  The question that Shelly needs to ask herself is does she have faith. Does she believe that God could answer her prayer before her baptismal date? The Fact is that she is never going to know enough, if we know something is true, then we don't need to have faith anymore.I like how Alma says it, " 17 Yea, there are many who do say: If thou wilt show unto us sign from heaven, then we shall know of surety; then we shall believe.
 18 Now ask, is this faith? Behold, say unto you, Nay; for if man knoweth thing he hath no cause to believefor he knoweth it." God wants us to have faith, it is after the trial of our faith that we receive the knowledge. Faith is believing in something to the point where we must act. Its kind of like that trust fall exercise that we always did in leadership, I can say that i believe that my friend is going to catch me...but if i never actually fall back, if i never actually take that i really trust (or have faith) in my friend? The scriptures teach us that if we do our part, if we pray and study the scriptures and go to church and do all the other things that the missionaries are asking us to do then God WILL answer us, he CANNOT ignore us it goes against eternal laws for him to ignore us. On top of that...committing to a baptismal date is a huge act of faith. At this point she has no idea if the church is true, but by committing to a specific date is how we act, its how we fall. So does Shelly have the faith, does she trust that God will tell her whether or not this is true before her baptismal date?

She needs to ask herself if she trusts God.

I love you mamma

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