Sunday, February 8, 2015

Philippines Week 67

This has been a busy week for the work here in Calapacuan.

On Monday, after I emailed we spent some time on Subic Base. We actually ran into a member from San Felipe. Its weird to see people from other areas. Memories just kind of all rush back at once.

On Tuesday I gave a workshop to my zone. It was super fun. I focused on Companionship unity- I had each companionship tie their legs together (like a three-legged race) and then I put clues and riddles through out the church and they had to race and go find them. (The church in Olongapo has two floors so it was hilarious watching people struggle to climb of the stairs.) After that, we went out to lunch with Elders Lugo and Christensen. Then randomly in the middle of lunch Sister Hart said that she has an announcement then kneeled down pulled out some flowers and asked me to be her Valentine.

 We then spent all of our time and efforts trying to strengthen our investigators. We are really teaching some great people. 

On Thursday, we got to go to a Sunday School Training in Olongapo in which Elder Ardern and President Durrant (Sunday School Presidency) taught us. It was a very neat experience. 

On Friday night, I came home to Sister Hart doing my laundry. She always knows just how to woo me. We have come to the conclusion that she should just do my laundry for the rest of our missions. As soon as I started to help, everything seemed to go wrong- Sister Hart almost dropped half the clothes off the balcony, bubble fights and lots of splishing and splashing, slippin and slidin (Bobby Darrin style). Our companions were just laughing at us. 

On Saturday morning, we were able to do a CSP at the home of an 85-year old less active widow. She has become totally self reliant and manages/works in her own garden to support her and her whole family. She is very amazing. She recently returned to full activity in the church and we are hoping there her return will lead to the returns and baptisms of many of her relatives. We worked and gardened with her for a few hours. When I say we I mean me, Sister Pinto and Sister Hart. My companion sister Manilingan spent most of her time taking pictures and eating. She is hilarious.

On Sunday Night/this morning at around 12:15 am, Sister Hart came in and woke me up because she had a dream that the Second Coming was here and so she needed to clean everything.Somehow, she managed to convince me that it was necessary to clean in the middle of the night :) So she and I got up (while she let our companions sleep-lucky) and cleaned until about 3 AM. It was probably smarter that way though because today (preparation day-cleaning day) is going to be super busy... We were told on Saturday that all the missionaries going home this transfer need to get a chest xray (precautionary). So I texted President Dahle last night to get permission for Sister Hart and I to go on exchanges to go to the hospital. Then tonight, the two of us need to be at the mission home by 7pm...because tomorrow-We are going to Manila! The Gorringes invited Sister Hart and I to stay with them in their apartment instead of in the Living Room of the mission home so we are going to have a "slumber party" with them tonight. And then we hop in a van at 1AM tonight in order to get to Manila tomorrow. All the foreigners in my batch need to be fingerprinted for our exit visas and because the temple is closed next month they are letting us go to the temple as well :) Super Exciting. 

Well, that's all for this week. Love you all.
Love Sister Kate Raynor

Working in the garden

My ALLTIME favorite gulay/herb--Malunggay or Moringa in english. I am praying that they have it in the states... 

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