Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week 51 Arizona

Hey Fambam!

So this week was actually pretty uneventful but here are a few of the cool things that happened this week:

On Tuesday we met this guy named Carlos, Carlos has this huge gnarly scar on his arm. So I said something like "so that is a gnarly scar, what happened? did you get bit by a shark or something?" To which he replies, "Actually yeah, I did" It was kinda awkward.

On Wednesday, we were asked to go to the Evergreen Ward's Young Women in Excellence. It was super fun, we miss that ward a lot. Anyways while we were there our Bishop showed us this video "the evolution of the bikini." It was really really funny and pretty interesting. You all should watch it.

On Thursday we had our ward Thanksgiving dinner. Mexican mashed was interesting. I swear every table I sat at became the kid table-I'll send pictures.

That was about it for this week.

Love you
Sister Raynor

PS Happy Birthday to all the November birthdays- Seth, Caroline, Shay, and were all born this month... Just kidding, love you all, hope you have (had) an awesome day!

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